Suri Sales Special 2017

This package includes five yearling females....registrations pending..

...including the choice of a leased stud male for 12 months.



Pucara Ice King's Wedding Belle.

What a stacked pedigree girl this claims. Kahuna, Inca, Bruxo, Torbio, Jackpot, and Bruxo again!!
She is bred for success. The sire Ice King, a champion who makes champions is now busy in the UK and the mother is the dam of champions herself!

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Pucara PureSuri Tikanui's Ice King

Belmonte's Belle WGAF
EPD info here

Pucara Tieva's Danica

Sired by our Champion son of the only suri herdsire to win both light and dark Futurity Herdsire of the Year in the same year, Chakotah's Wyuna, bred by Pucara. The dam is a ribbon winner from the famous Macgyver who we sadly miss!

TSSS Wyuna's Tieva

AAOA MacGyverson's Damiana

TSSS Madiba's Nougat

This girl alone is worth the price of the package!
A completely unique parentage of prepotent stud alpacas. Via Madiba: Inca, Bruxo X2, Uribe, the famous females Gracie and Augustina (dam of Macgyver!). Add that to Rockstar, Ramilo and Torbio via the dam of Nougat, Young Alberta.
Is it any wonder this youing girl sports a luscious sweet fleece!

Pucara PureSuri Madiba

Young Alberta

Pacofino Chakotah's Danyella

Here is another upstanding young girl with unique prepotent genetics that will hold a suri breeder in good stead. The sire, our Chakotah, is a multiple times Futurity Herdsire of the Year featuring strong Kahuna genetics along with Bruxo and Uribe. From the dam you have an undisputed king of suri genes in the famous Peruvian Inca.
This package is stacked with elite proven suri success.

Chakotah of CCR Suris

LCA Dayna

Pucara Ice King's Malia

You have here a girl with carefully planned breedingt to enphasize the best of Pucara International genetics.
From the sire, that emphatic blend from the best of Latah Creek and Pucara. Kahuna mixed with Ice Dancer ( Ganador and Uribe) Inca and Bruxo. From the dam you have Kahuna's dam, Apache, Uribe and the famous Pucara Allegro.
These five females are chosen to complement a breeding program for the most discerning breeders.

Pucara PureSuri Ice King

Pucara Mahalia

The Package.


  • Five yearling age females.
  • One leased male for one breeding season, from a choice of three.
  • Total purchase price of $9000.
  • Breeding of the females is not included but can be discussed.
  • The females are pending registration with AOA.

Your advantage:

  • You get maiden females with a long life in front of them.
  • Fertility is guaranteed.
  • In one very economical purchase you buy the heritage of Pucara International's 26 years of careful planning and hard work.
  • You get the use of a proven stud male for one breeding season that are selected for their genetic fit to these five females.
  • The selected females offer a discerning diversity of prepotent genetics designed for breeding success.
  • This offering is the result of thoughtful work that culminated in winning 17 Futurity Herdsire and Reserve Herdsire of the Year Awards. These awards are for stud males judged superior by the quality of their progeny against the best in the country!
  • You will get our mentorship and guidance