Pucara Madiba's Leilani

Sire: Pucara PureSuri Madiba

Latah Creek Viho (Inca x Akuti) X Silkworm ( Bruxo x Gracie)

Dam: Pucara Beachwood Kahuna's CocoHo

Pucara Kahuna (Amadaor x Halona Happy Fortune) X Evie (Cadete x Evelita)
DOB: July 24 2016

Color: White

ARI: 30720053

Breeding sire: Pucara PureSuri Kahuna's Lexus

​Due date: July 20 2019
We are not sure if we could have packed any more proven genetics into a female than in Leilani. It seemed to have worked. Phenotypically she is easily the best female suri we have produced in a long time. Genotypically every level in her parentage has incredibly reliable genetics that are recognized as such.

Her dam Kahuna's Coco Ho was the mother of Wyuna's WCF Abigail, a dark fawn, who was the Futurity Judges Choice winner 2016. The sire is Pucara PureSuri Madiba, Light Futurity Reserve Herdsire of the Year 2017, also a champion in the show ring. 

At the paternal grand parent level you bring in the famous Pperuvian Inca, Pperuvian Bruxo and DDF Accoyo Gracie (produced by MacGyver's dam). At the maternal level you get Pucara Kahuna whose achievements as a light male are unequalled. Add Pperuvian Cadete whose progeny not only excelled in the Australian show ring but whose progeny like Pucara Allegro dominated with their progeny!

Her fleece traits are at the highest level.  She is fine. Her density is at the top level. The fleece is packed on in abundant well organised locking. The luster is well, bursting out all over! All this on a stellar frame with easy gait, correct bite and she is proven. She won her white juvie class in the 2017 Futurity. We have not shown yet.

The current breeding was intended to introduce a touch more Kahuna along with a little more Inca, Uribe and Ganador. This cria due July 2019 has got to be a cracker!!!

Her breeding details.

Sire: Pucara PureSuri Kahuna's Lexus

Pucara Kahuna X PureSuri Lexus...maternally brings in Inca, Uriba, Ganador!

Dam: PureSuri Lexus

Brings in Inca, Uribe, Ganador!

Cria due: August 2019

Pucara PureSuri Kahuna's Lexus
He doesn't look like his sire does he?

Family tree pics of Leilani..mostly animal shots
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  1. Pucara PureSuri Madiba
    Pucara PureSuri Madiba
  2. Silkworm
  3. Pperuvian Inca
    Pperuvian Inca
  4. Pucara Kahuna
    Pucara Kahuna
  5. Beachwood Kahuna's CocoHo
    Beachwood Kahuna's CocoHo
  6. Pucara Madiba's Leilani
    Pucara Madiba's Leilani
  7. Leilani fleece.
    Leilani fleece.
  8. Wyuna's WCF Abigail
    Wyuna's WCF Abigail
  9. Abigail Fleece
    Abigail Fleece
  10. LCA Viho
    LCA Viho
  11. Evie
  12. Leilani yearling fleece
    Leilani yearling fleece
  13. Leilani yearling fleece
    Leilani yearling fleece
  14. Leilani yearling fleece
    Leilani yearling fleece
  15. Leilani yearling fleece
    Leilani yearling fleece
  16. The dam of Leilani, Coco Ho.
    The dam of Leilani, Coco Ho.

Fleece pics of relatives of Leilani..
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  2. LEILANI 2
  3. LEILANI 3
  6. KATIE
  8. KEKOA