Embryo Transfer Explained

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The idea of ET in alpacas for the US industry is infused with fear of the unknown. After all the unknown is our greatest fear, right? But there are so many good resources for US alpaca breeders to reference that some simple education will help put a pure focus just on the argument, is it good for the industry? If you believe in advancing the rate of genetic gain for conformation and fleece traits for the development of elite American made alpaca textiles, Embryo Transfer will help.

Despite some hesitancy because of the unknown with the passing of the ET ballot in June 2016 breeders chose to allow registration of alpacas derived from embryo transfer.

We believe that ET is an advantage for all breeders. And especially smaller breeders who will be able to access genetics in the form of embryos for a much more reasonable price than it takes now to get those genetics. It will also allow them to partner up on elite dams previously too expensive for them because now they can share multiuple cria in the one year! We also know that it does not have to be expensive. And we know it does not harm the embryo donor or surrogate mothers. And we know that conception and "stick" rates are high enough to warrant using the non surgical ET protocol. We know because we employed ET in Australia, and on updating this article we have 12 months of US experience under our belt.

You can find on the website  at AET LLC video tutorials and 101 articls on uderstanding embryo transfer in alpacas. We present this to educate breeders on the nuances of ET in th ehope they can see it is the future.

View a power point on the application of Embryo Transfer

Canchones Alpaca Stud Go to their "Downloads" menu for a detailed PDF.
Cria Genesis  Website of Australian ET vet Dr Jane Vaughan. There is an informative detailed scientific article but you have to pay AUD$25 for it.
Jorge Reyna Another Aussie technician competent in camelid ET work.
His website ...there is a lot of info here, some outdatyed but it is very good reading.
The Peruvians are all over it.... at Pacomarca
Reference Library from Tierra Prometida Ranch in Texas
Paul Taylor This man is the expert! he has an incredible kowledge on the subject.
More from Paul Taylor
Pacomarca Peruvian breeding program
Banksia Park Alpaca Stud  Dr George Jackson and Jenny Jackson ET technicians and alpaca breeders.
Copy of an interview conducted on LandLine a prominent Aussie agriculture television program.
Go to "Paca This" on Facebook for a growing reference library.

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