Pucara International Embryo Selections 2016

Table 1. Embryos flushed, implanted, scanned positive in recipient. See Table 2 to choose your own embryo pairing:

  • Madiba's WCF Emma Lou ARI# 32401363.  Unique mix of Madiba and Chachapoya..2016 cria is high quality. Bred to Pucara (Kahuna's) Tully. SOLD
  • Sur-Real Chilli ARI#.32079463.Chachapoya/Durango/Manchita mix...loaded!!!..WOW...has given two embryos from one flush, sired by Pucara PureSuri Kahuna's Lexus...we will keep one.
  • Chilli has done it again...another set of twins...this time sired by Kahuna's Tully...we will keep one.
  • Madiba's WCF Emma Lou ARI#32401363...beautiful Chachapoya line bred female combined with Kahuna and daughter of Madiba...embryo sired by Pucara Kahuna's Tully. SOLD
  • Madiba's WCF Emma Lou again...this embryo sired by Pucara PureSuri Kahuna's Lexus.
  • Kahuna's WCF Ava's that potent Kahuna/Allegro mix again...she has produced fabulous cria, her 2016 Madiba male cria is stunning...this embryo sired by Kahuna's Lexus.
  • Another Kahuna's WCF Ava Rose embryo again sired by Madiba!
  • Kahuna's Coco Ho ARI# 31595193...the dam of the 2016 Judges Choice female, Abigail. This embryo is sired by TSSS Wyuna's Tieva...Wyuna was the sire of Abigail!!! SOLD.
  • Chachapoya's WCF Keiki...Chachapoya girl, Kahuna grand daughter, Allegro great grand daughter...bred to Chakotah for this embryo
  • Belmonte's Belle...champion producer...Torbio, Jackpot and Bruxo meet worked! Bred to Kahuna's Tully for this embryo.
  • Pucara PureSuri Kahuna's Wenona...mother of champions...embryo sired by Kahuna's Lexus SOLD
  • That is it for now, some more on the way....

Please note only embryos  after implantation and spitting off or scanned are listed in table one. To be clear these embryos in a recipient are like any normal pregnancy. They can miscarry. In that case the buyer has the choice of trying that pairing/or another  in the future or choosing any other embryo implanted in a recipient.
Currently there are several other females listed as donors for our ET program. See table 2 for list of all our donors at this stage. 

Table 2. List of donor stud females who will be flushed in the ET breeding season. Buyers can choose which stud male they may be bred with to produce an embryo. Selection of stud male depends on availability.

Donor Stud Females:
  • PureSuri Mandalay ARI# 31120203. Dam of the famous Tikanui and Jet Stream sold to UK
  • Kahuna's WCF Ava Rose ARI# 32079753. One of our best Kahuna girls, cria always make the show team standard.
  • Kahuna's Coco Ho ARI# 31595193. Dam of 2016 Futurity Judge's Choice Female, Wyuna's Abigail.
  • Chilli ARI# 32079463. Dam of top quality cria. Chachapoya daughter.
  • Halona Happy Fortune Accoyo (reserved) ARI# 158287. Pucara Kahuna's Dam!!!! No embryos will be available from Happy
  • Silkworm ARI# 804981. Super dam! Dam of stud female Mandalay and stud male Madiba. No embryos will be available from Silkworm
  • Autumnell Goddess ARI# 31595407. Dam of Chakotah's Wyuna
  • Emma Lou ARI# 32401363. Unique mix of Madiba and Chachapoya..2016 cria is high quality.
  • Aspenglow ARI# 30000736. Dam of Ice King sold to UK. Daughter of Inca.
  • Wyuna's Keala ARI# 32681284. Daughter of Wyuna and stud female Elandra
  • Young Alberta ARI#30436954. Rockstar girl out of the famous Maria (Fisco farm)...a group of AOBA (then) judges actually made a trip to our farm just to see her bec of the extreme locking and luster she had!!!
  • Belmonte's Belle ARI# 30461932 Perhaps ask Stacey Goss from GoldenRae suris in Co...dam of her show winning girls.
  • Chacapoya's WCF Keiki ARI# Dam is a Kahuna daughter who pumps out quality every time. Keiki is dam of Katie who is 2016 Futurity Light Champion...defeated the reknown Special Edition owned by Wilkins, a Kahuna grand daughter. Keiki's 2016 cria is VERY show bound!!!
  • Pucara PureSuri Kahuna's Wenona ARI#32681246 For three years has made amazing cria for us..her dam is PureSuri Wenona who we lost...her daughter is precious to us.
  • Pucara Kahuna's Elandra ARI#31742825 Perhaps you have noticed all the Kahuna influence. Elandra certainly takes the prize for being the most attractive suri female on the property. With cria like Chakotah's Navigator co-owned with Michelle Alexander at Dakini ( a most discerning breeder who treasures genetics) Elandra is a super stud female. Not ready for ET until 2017.

Stud Males:

  • Chakotah of CCR Suris
  • TSSS Wyuna's Tieva
  • Pucara PureSuri Kahuna's Lexus.
  • Pucara Kahuna's Tully
  • Pucara PureSuri Surf Warrior
  • Pucara Happy's Kaileo
  • Pucara Hanapepe
  • Pucara Chakotah's Navigator
  • Pucara PureSuri Madiba
  • Sur-Real Chico
  • Chakotah's Hana Boy
  • Pucara Sur-Real Sumbawa
  • Pucara Chakotah's Arcturus

See  our stud males here on Openherd for details. You can also ask us for up and coming males not yet listed.

All embryo transfer work is conducted by AET