Change at Pucara International

Twenty six years of raising alpacas, twenty of those full time! Sixteen years in the US. Alpaca friends all over the world. This ex builder and his school teacher wife  have seen so much change in their lives. And the next chapter in the cycle begins.

It is heart wrenching but we are selling our Muddy Valley farm . A glorious 103 acre property that is alpaca heaven. But our alpaca lives evolve and go on. We will be going to a smaller facility where we will just concentrate on a handfull of stud suri  females utilizing our expertise in embryo transfer. No mortgage, no LOC! After 45 years of banks dictating our lives we can't wait. AET will be our business focus and Jude is excited to be able to continue her judging passion around the world. She is ecstatic to be judging the Futurity Show  in 2018. It is ten years since her last time judging because it has always been our go to show. Winning a Herdsire of the Year award is like no other.

Yes, after producing 17 Herdsire of the Year stud males, we have retired from showing BUT not breeding. There certainly will be more show worthy suris from us that we will now produce for our clients. We have champions and first place Futurity winners from our 2017 show team, and a stellar crop of cria from our 2017 drop, many ET kids.

This is the essence of the change we are adopting. There ARE a number of opportunities for discerning suri breeders, especially economic options, for those breeders wanting to be involved in heavily branded genetics.


Four Options for You:

  1. We're show worthy!
    We're show worthy!

We will NOT stop producing show worthy suris! Quite possibly with adoption of ET by us there may even be more of them. But from now and into the future, they will  be for sale. All of them!  
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  1. I need your girls?
    I need your girls?

Pucara  has a plethora of herdsire quality suri males that can be hosted on your farm. Some are Futurity Herdsires of the Year, many are multiple times champions that are proven. They come in both light and dark colors. They are the result of generational improvement that have given us 15 years of success in the US show ring.
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  1. A new home please!
    A new home please!

Selling our current farm means we regrettably have to relocate several females. The new facility will be very much smaller. Yes we are keeping a very small stable of females for our ET program but that leaves many proven girls of which several are either the dams of show animals or the descendants there of. There are daughters of Kahuna, Chakotah, Madiba, Ice King and more. They come in groups of five and they are priced to move quickly. There are lucrative incentives to add a stud male with each group.
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  1. Cooking for you!
    Cooking for you!

We currently have  a list of highly desirable embryos implanted in recipient females. These represent matches between our top stud males and females. This is an economical way to get access to our proven and branded genetics without breaking the bank. Please call or email us for guidance.
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