Our blog ravings!

We are Jude Anderson and Alan Cousill, wife, husband, owners of Pucara International, an alpaca farm in the Willamette Valley wine growing region of Oregon. This is the story of our time in the alpaca industry both in Australia and the United States. And lots more.
We will not be held responsible for its absolute accuracy
but we do verify we are reaching into our memory for whatever perspective presents itself! It is the journey that matters and all the idiosyncracies attached.
Pucara International
Al and Jude  have raised alpacas for more than twenty years in both Australia and now the US. It’s been full time since 1997.  We’ve made lots of mistakes, but survived with huacaya and suri herds that have stood the test of time.
Through our seminars, newsletter, Facebook pages and now the "Only Pucara Knows" blog we share how we managed......
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This is Jude and Al
Come and get to know us a little. Our side of the story. You've seen Jude in the show ring doing her judging gig but there is a whole lot more to her than handing out ribbons. You may be suprised.
Well, no one is suprised about Alan. But we bet you didn't know he cleans up and washes the dishes! Writes poetry. Chose all the foundation animals for the Pucara suri herd. And he's proably the opposite to every red kneck perception people have of him!
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