2019 Packages

1. Show Winners are Grinners: We've Won Championships!

 A package of two super females, straight to the top end here. Heavily discounted from list prices.

2. Mothers of Futurity Championship Winners!

This is not a misprint. A package of four females all who have produced either reserve or full championship wins at the strongest show in the US, The Futurity.!!!
All are pregnant, all perfect dams for ET. They have been in our ET program which means they are amongst our best

3. Madiba Suri Glow Party!​

Two awesome Madiba daughters. Madiba is our king of luster. Almost without fail he passes it onto his progeny and they to theirs!

4. Luster Buster Accelerator Pack (See Jumping Jiminy Juvies an alternative package).

Instant show team. Wait a while and you have dynamic breeding potential! Five juvie females.
One yearling female.
One knockout juvie male...not only matched for some of these rising stars but a boy that will lift any suri breeder's program.
Put your foot to the floor and speed up to the top of the mountain!

5. Crazy Color Package of Suri Girls.

5. Crazy Color Package of Suri Girls.

Crazy value for suri color!

This is a selection package. You get to choose 3 of the five.​

I ncluded are three Wyuna daughters, the only suri male to ever win Light and Dark Futurity Herdsire of the Year!

6. Chachapoya Celebration

​The rare but exquisite genetics of 6Peruvian Chachapoya 5110 ( Accoyo)

The package consists of two Chachapoya daughters.

Sadly the boy has passed but we've proven, as was our aim, that his genetics mixed with ours are powerful and a rare mix now that cannot be matched.

7. Kahuna the Suri King daughter selection!

There is no denying that his accomplishments reign supreme.

​He or his male offspring have won 15 Futurity Herdsire of the Year awards...some in dark. The only suri male to ever win Dark and Light in the same year was a Kahuna grandson!

This package is a selection of three daughters from a choice of six!

8. Dams of Pucara Embryos

A female makes it into our ET program because she is one of the best producers or potential producers on the property.

This awesome package INCLUDES ONE ROUND OF ET WORK for each female at just the cost of drugs and equipment.

It includes the dam of Chakotah's Wyuna the only suri male to date to win Light and Dark Futurity Herdsire of the Year in the same Year!

9.Pucara Jumping Jiminy Juvies!!! (Alternative to Luster Buster Package)

You know you want it! And why wouldn't you. The package is discounted $3000 off the total of list prices.

It comprises two juvies and one rising yearling. It has an option to add a phenomenal juvie male with awesome genetics and phenotype. $3000 off his list price. He is three quarter brother to the famous Pucara PureSuri Tikanui, (the son of our Kahuna).

 10. And the Final package..."Whadeverya'want Package"?

You call us on 503 312 6774 or email  and tell us what you need. We have everything here from experienced production females to super studs. From juvies to extremely well credentialled producers of champions. And a handfull of starter females at $500.

We'll do our best to accommodate your desires! No dreams, no plan, no future!

​Thank you....Al and Jude.