Auction Lots
2016  Snow Diamond

SOLD...all lots purchased as below

Christopher and Dawn Browning..Sie Sutter Suris
Second embryo...Leslie Rebtoy Healing Springs Suris 

Marie and Dennis Hurley
Querencia Alpacas

Lot 27
TSSS Chico's Tatiana

Lot 26
Choose your embryo!

Lot 6
Pucara Tieva’s Kameli

2016 Embryo Selections here

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We hear it so often, breeders don't sell their best at auction!
This is where we truly try and set ourselves apart. We have two traditional suri lots. A white and colored suri girl from our reserve breeding program. Descendants of multiple times Futurity Herdsires of the Year that will come with complimentary breedings to a Pucara suri stud male. Why wouldn't you invest in genetics that have produced something like 20 Futurity Herdsires of the Year in both light and dark. And these are herdsires we have bred, nor purchased! That is one of our proudest accomplishments.

But we offer something new! A live embryo that is already implanted in a recipient female who will be returned to us after the embryo is birthed down and weaned. Or you can select an embryo yet to be flushed from one of our "stud" donor females from a breeding to a Pucara stud male that you can choose depending on availability. Details of the embryo sale are on the Snow Diamond Select Auction website under Lot 26.

Via AET LLC we have been flushing embryos since the embryo ballot was passed. Stay tuned or contact us for a list of embryos already flushed or those that will be flushed in the future.

2016 production Embryo Selections here

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